Tuesday, March 29, 2005

MacUser 雜誌的 NewsFire review

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NewsFire 1.0
MacUser UK 在其三月號的雜誌裡做了新聞匯集/閱讀軟體 NewsFire 的評論,Jack 從此軟體剛開發時即使用到現在,之前也曾經寫過一篇簡略的教學/圖文介紹,有興趣的可以參閱 這裡;寫這篇圖文介紹時,NewsFire 的版本還是 0.5,現在已經為 1.0了。


這款標榜儉約且 Mac 風格十足的 news reader,在 macupdate 或 versiontracker 的評比都不錯。雖然是 shareware,有興趣的可以試用看看。以下擷取一小段 MacUser 的評介:

NewsFire has a Tiger-esque interface and looks more like a big Konfabulator widget than a fully-fledged application. Buttons and bars are glasssy, and when feeds are updated, the list smoothly shuffles so the most recent updates appear at the top....

Bang up to date, it's happy with RSS 2, as well as the more established older RSS formats and Atom, and we had no problems integrating it with rich HTML-based streams packed with images, or Flikr accounts.

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