Monday, April 11, 2005

5 分鐘弄個 PB 透明螢幕

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picture by plindberg

還記得之前在 這裡 提到的 PowerBook 透明螢幕,Flickr 的 The Transparent Screens group 提供了很多特別又有趣的示範!而 plindberg 則在其描述中說明了如何在五分鐘內弄個 PB 透明螢幕出來!最後他的建議是顏色與對比正確是比較重要的!

The trick seems to be to step back a little and zoom so that your screen fills the viewfinder, then close the lid and take a shot [after zooming out again], import it and try to match the color tone, exposure, brightness, etc. of the surroundings. Then set the picture as desktop picture. The next step is to reposition the powerbook and the camera until it matches. ......

Update: After having reviewed most of the attempts in the pool, it seems to me as if getting the colors and brightness of the desktop picture right is more important for the end result as getting the alignment right. There are several examples of well-aligned shots, where the poor color and brightness match ruins the result.

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