Friday, April 22, 2005

File Juicer 更新 2.9.2

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之前在 這裡 提到的檔案摘取工具 File Juicer 發佈更新為 2.9.3 update,你可用它來摘取 powerpoint 等簡報檔裡頭的所有圖片、或者郵件信箱裡頭的所有圖片...(要摘取的檔案格式可以自定)等等。新增的一項功能即是可以將日期保留於摘取出的檔案上,這對摘取大量檔案來說,相當有利於依照日期於 Finder 排列整理、也有利於摘取瀏覽器快取的檔案。詳細的使用方式可以參考之前的介紹。

File Juicer can now copy the dates from the files it is juicing to the files it finds. This is most useful when you extract thousands of files. You can then sort by date in Finder. This can also be helpful when just extracting hundreds of files from browser caches, which are typically not too old.

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