Friday, April 01, 2005

iPhoto 5 和 Picasa 2

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在三月 30 日的 The Wall Street Journal, Walt Mossberg 評論了兩套相片軟體 iPhoto 5 和 Picasa 2(僅能執行於 Windows 系統,目前由之前收購 Picasa 的 Google 免費提供)。文中提到了兩套軟體都具備不錯的功能,且新版本皆有顯著的升級表現。但 Walt 認為 iPhoto 是兩套之中較好的,主要的原因是使用者完全無須懂得電腦的檔案/檔案夾系統,便可運用 iPhoto 5 來處理相片檔。對此兩套軟體有興趣的朋友,可以前往閱讀!

Both programs are packed with good features and have been significantly upgraded in their new versions. But iPhoto is the better of the two -- mainly because, unlike Picasa and most other competitors, it totally frees users from understanding the computer's file-and-folder system. With iPhoto you can organize your photos in any way you choose, regardless of where the underlying picture files are stored on the computer. This makes iPhoto much easier to use than Picasa, or any other photo organizing program I have tested.

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