Wednesday, April 20, 2005

"localized string not found"

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safari 右鍵的部份選項如 "在新視窗開啟連結" 和 "在新視窗開啟圖片" 等都變成 "localized string not found" 該如何解決呢?

這個問題有些使用者偶爾會發生,發生原因不明、也是個老問題,有此情形的人可以參考 MacMinute Cafe 這裡 的解決方式:

1. Download the latest version of Safari from Apple. Found here. This step cannot be ignored.

2. Locate the webkit files and trash them. This folder is located in System/Library/Frameworks/webkit.framworks.

3. Install Safari from your download.

4. Restart the computer.

5. Launch Disk Utility and run Repair Permissions.

6. That's it. You won't see the words "localized string not found" appear in your Contextual Menus anymore.

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