Thursday, April 21, 2005

NewsFire 與 Podcast

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NewsFire 釋出 1.1 版最大的差異即是整合了 podcast 下載和播放,此外還可以搜尋網路的音訊內容。其實在 1.0 的版本 NewsFire 已經支援 podcast 等音訊內容,使用的是一個內嵌 QuickTime 的 widget,而 1.1 的版本則改進了下載與播放的機制,據作者的說法有點像是綜合了 iTunes/QuickTime 播放器與類似 Safari 的下載面板。作者認為這樣的優點在於獨立出 podcast 視窗而不會干擾到新聞閱讀的主要動作。

While 1.0 supported podcasts/audio enclosures using an embedded QuickTime widget, version 1.1 builds on a substantially enhanced download and play mechanism that can essentially be described as a fusion of an iTunes/QuickTime player interface with a Safari-esque download window (see: screenshot). The great thing is that this podcast functionality is largely kept out of the main window and thus does not pollute the primary news reading experience.

此外,1.1 版本還有解除了非註冊版本的使用限制,換句話說,不註冊的話也可以永久使用。(Newsfire 1.1 no longer has an absolute launch limit - that is, you can run it unregistered forever, if your conscience allows that sort of freeloading.)

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