Tuesday, April 26, 2005

Safari 衝浪建議


Macworld 刊出一篇善用 Safari 瀏覽器的文章,提到了七點建議供尚不熟悉 Safari 或尚未好好利用 Safari 的使用者參考,讓你將你的瀏覽體驗再次提升 :-)

now, you may think you know pretty much everything you need to about surfing the Web. But as browsers and Web sites continue to evolve, our surfing habits don’t always evolve with them. Here are seven habits that any self-respecting Safari user should have right now.

文中提到的七點包含:將網頁搜尋結果開啟於新標籤頁、儲存書籤於書籤列、One-click 搜尋、依字母順序排列書籤、整合其他瀏覽器的書籤、關閉快取、搜尋瀏覽記錄等等。文中還提到了兩樣工具:SafariSorter (依字母順序排列書籤之用)、SafariEnhancer (匯入其他瀏覽器的書籤、關閉快取)。

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