Saturday, May 14, 2005



圖片來源:Darrel Knutson

我在去年十二月時有寫了篇瀏覽器大觀,對於一些 Mac 平台上常用常見的幾個瀏覽器做個簡單的說明和對照,但你覺得這些就是 Mac 平台上僅有的瀏覽器嗎?如果你對其他替代的瀏覽器感興趣,或者想要緬懷一下許久前的瀏覽器,可以參考一下 Darrel Knutson 的網頁「Mac 網頁瀏覽器:前世與今生」(Mac Web Browsers Past & Present),有非常完整的瀏覽器列表,相信你也會大開眼界。依照作者的說法,網頁中瀏覽器的排列順序是:越是最近更新的,會排在越前/上面。
I have been maintaining this selection of Mac browsers for years. All entries made in more recent years are dated, with newer updates listed first. This means that more frequently updated browsers will more often appear at the top, but what the heck, it's just a silly list. The comments for each browser reflect my own personal opinions and assessments.

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