Wednesday, May 25, 2005

Firefox 1.1 alpha 1 測試版本

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如果你有興趣看看 Firefox 1.1 的模樣,或是想幫忙測試這個還在開發中的版本,可以到 Asa 的 weblog 這裡 下載各平台的 Firefox 1.1 測試版本 (Win, Mac, Linux)。這個候選版本中主要包含改良的 Gecko 引擎、外掛套件系統也有所變更。此外也增加了一項新功能 "Reporter" 精靈,用來回報一些破裂或無法瀏覽的網站。

The Gecko included in this candidate build is about one year of development improved since the Gecko that shipped in Firefox 1.0. We've also made major changes to the extension system. XUL application developers, extension and theme developers, and web developers are the primary audience for the upcoming Alpha.

延伸連結:deer park alpha 1 candidate builds available for testing