Friday, May 06, 2005

先別安裝 Java 1.5 於 Tiger


如果你有在使用 P2P 軟體:Acquisition,該程式的開發作者提醒你,先別在你的 Tiger 上安裝 Java 1.5,如果你還想讓 Acquisition 運作的話。該程式作者人現在北非、無法立即發佈更新,因此先在其 blog 上提出提醒,有使用 Acquisition的朋友就多加注意吧。我猜想跟 Java 有關的其他相關 P2P 程式應也是類似情形。

I am currently in North Africa and cannot diagnose this nor release a fix at this immediate time. I suspect one may be able to work around this by making symbolic links for the java binary and Classes.jar at appropriate places under the JavaVM.framework. If people can provide a full directory dump of the /System/Library/Frameworks/JavaVM.framework/Versions/ directory, I might be able to conjure up a simple fix.

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