Thursday, June 02, 2005

2005 年 100 個最佳產品 (PC World)

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PC World 於今日在其刊出的 2005 年 100 個最佳產品(100 Best Products of 2005)中將 Mac OS X Tiger 視為最佳作業系統("Best Operating System")。其中提到的相關內容如下:

Tiger's big new addition--to what was already a well-engineered Mac operating system--is Spotlight, a speedy, well-integrated tool for searching your hard drive. And it's the best-looking OS around. In other words, Mac fans are already enjoying the cool features that Windows won't deliver until late 2006.

如果你有興趣,還可以看看 PC World 的評論。此外,年度最佳產品為 Mozilla Firefox、照片服務網站(Photography Site)選的是 Flickr、網頁信箱(Web Mail)選的是 Gmail...還有很多其他類別,有興趣的朋友可以前往看看~

想看看整體一百名的排名嗎?All Products Listed by Ranking;數數看 Apple 有幾項入榜?而 Microsoft 呢?答案在這裡;不是刻意比較,是事實就是如此...呵呵 :D

link: PC World > 100 Best Products of 2005