Friday, June 10, 2005

Apple 和 Intel:你該知道的事

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自從蘋果電腦宣佈要開始進行從 PowerPC 晶片轉移到 Intel 生產的處理器,許多後續的討論和訊息都可以顯示部份使用者(無論本來就是 Mac 使用者或從來不是 Mac 使用者)對整個計畫的了解有所誤差,因此 Macworld 便刊出了一篇這個主題的常見問題集(看 FAQ↗,希望能夠釐清討論者的一些疑慮,真正了解 Steve Jobs 宣佈的內容、而非從其內容做些不斷的揣測!有興趣的朋友,可以看看這份常見問題集!

*What, specifically, did Apple announce?
*2006? So why did Apple announce this now?
*Why did Apple do this?
*So does this mean Apple has to do a new version of Mac OS X for Intel?
*Geez, is this like the OS 9 to OS X transition again?
*Does this affect the software I already own? What will happen to my software if I buy an Intel-based system?
*Will I have to buy new versions of my software specifically to run on an Intel-based Mac?
*How much work will need to go into modifying Mac software?
*Will Intel-based Macs get nasty viruses and spyware like Intel-based PCs?
*So does this mean my Mac is obsolete?
*Should I not buy any new Macs until the Intel-based Macs arrive?
*When the new Intel Macs come out, should I be first in line to buy one?
*How will the Intel machines measure up to the PowerPC Macs in performance?
*Does this mean Apple’s abandoning its commitment to a 64-bit architecture?
*Could this lead to cheaper Macs?
*Will any PC be able to run Mac OS X for Intel?
*Will my Intel-based Mac be able to run Windows?
*But if all Macs one day will be able to run Windows, won’t application developers stop creating Mac versions of their programs?
*Whatever happened to the megahertz myth?
*Apple used to bash Intel’s chips. What changed?

link: Apple & Intel: What you need to know