Sunday, June 19, 2005

不知道王建民用不用 Mac

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雖然今日(台北時間)的比賽 Derek Jeter 生涯首發滿貫全壘打吸引了全場的焦點,但紐約時報(The New York Times)的報導中還是提到了這個台灣來的小子,而且整篇報導,關於王的篇幅並不小,而該場比賽的焦點人物 Jeter 甚至也稱讚王建民的鎮靜...

But the more significant development in this interleague victory at Yankee Stadium might have been the continuing emergence of a rookie pitcher, Chien-Ming Wang. Subtly but impressively, he has claimed what could be a permanent spot in a starting rotation that seemed to have no room for a rookie at the beginning of the season.

Manager Joe Torre said of Wang: "I have no hesitation with him. I trust him.

"I don't think anyone would have envisioned this."

Wang improved to 4-2, working eight innings and giving up one run on five hits. With the back injury that has again put starter Kevin Brown on the disabled list, Wang's chances of more regular activity have been enhanced. This was the eighth start of his major league career, and in half he has earned victories.

"He seems unflappable," Jeter said. "He works quick and he throws a lot of strikes. He's fun to play behind."

Wang finished with five strikeouts and one walk by keeping his sinkers and sliders low and on the edges of the strike zone. He lowered his earned run average to 3.97.

Perhaps it helped that the National League Cubs had never seen him before - that is always a factor with a rookie - but the Yankees have seen enough of Wang to know he may fit in well behind Mike Mussina, Randy Johnson and Carl Pavano.

"Now that Brown's on the D.L., he's in the mix," Torre said. "He's the one you go to.

"He doesn't mess around. He throws a lot of strikes."

Wang, 25, grew up in Taiwan but has worked in the area for years with stints on Staten Island and in Trenton. He is as calm in group interviews as he on the mound, and his youthful, placid features break into frequent smiles that may outnumber his English words.

When asked about pitching on eight days' rest, Wang said that he had more power on his pitches as a result and that he was very happy with his performance.

"My ball was low and the sinker was moving good," he said.

When asked about his apparent confidence, he replied, "Inside, yeah," agreeing that his emotions were consistent with what he projects.

不知道王建民用不用 Mac?不知道 Apple 有沒有興趣找王建民來代言?(除了姚明,這個 "民" 也是個厲害人物地...^_^)

link: The New York Times 相關報導