Wednesday, June 15, 2005

探照燈 vs. 快銀

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Quicksilver by BlackTree

曾經使用過 Quicksilver (中文俗稱「快銀」舊文↗)這套工具的朋友應該都知道它的威力;不過自從 Tiger 出現後,其中的 Spotlight 功能,讓許多使用者將兩者做比較 (雖然這樣的比較有點不適當且不公平),表面上看起來兩者似乎很類似,不過有蠻多使用者最後還是將 Quicksilver 安裝回 Tiger 系統上,例如從開啟一個程式來看,TUAW 的 Dave Caolo 便簡單提到了兩者的差異:

While Spotlight searches the contents of my drive in a very unique and thorough way, I believe I can get an application launched more quickly with Quicksilver. Even though I've set Spotlight up to display applications first, I still have to type "Photoshop" to get to that app, where as with Quicksilver I could type "ps" and then "Return" and have the application launching in the time it would take me to mouse down to it in the Spotlight results window.

除此之外,他還提到了 Quicksilver 相異於 Spotlight 的另一個地方在於 "快銀" 能對該項目做更多後續的處理:

What's more is that Quicksilver allows me to do more with my search results. Having found what I'm looking for, I can then move it, compress it, email it, make a duplicate. . on and on.

如果你曾經使用過 Quicksilver,相信你一定知道 Dave 在講的是什麼?不過 Spotlight 也是不賴的,如果你熟讀並勤練蘋果電腦提供的這篇訣竅 (tips)、善用 keyword 或快速鍵,相信也是很有效率的!

你也在用 Quicksilver 嗎?Quicksilver 與 Spotlight、一山不容二虎嗎?那可不一定... ;-)

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