Sunday, July 24, 2005


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壓縮:Sorenson Video 3;影片來源:Michael Parrot

PiquantMenu:特別的選單列工具,是個不錯的 launcher 和 file browser。除了存取檔案夾和應用程式,還有其他功能:操控 iTunes、螢幕擷圖、瀏覽通訊錄和喜好連結...等等。(要觀賞上方影片,你可能需要 Apple QuickTime 播放程式

PiquantMenu is a Menu Extra (inserted in the menubar next to the clock) which permits to have access on folders, applications and others functions: control iTunes, create screen captures, browser into your address book or into your favorites links of Safari is very easy since simple menu !

link: PiquantMenu