Monday, August 01, 2005


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與之前介紹的 FinderCleaner 類似的工具:AppleOff;專門用來清除像是 .DS_Store files、.Trashes...等在 Finder 下隱形的檔案。而 AppleOff 比較不一樣的地方是,它會自動進行此清理程序,懶人工具的代表作!

Yes, there are other programs out there that can delete the same files. The difference, is that AppleOff can automate the process. No longer do folders have to be constantly dropped onto a location, or multiple scripts created in order to deal with the growing need to correct the nusisance of those pesky files.

link 1: AppleOff
link 2: applewoods > FinderCleaner