Thursday, August 04, 2005

Cabos 0.4.4 釋出

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Cabos 0.4.4

Cabos 0.4.4 正式版釋出,新的軟體圖示、改良多國語系套件無效的問題、繁體中文化完整呈現!其他內容可參閱以前的文章!(閱讀↗)

What's New in Version 0.4.4:
*Newly designed app icon. (thanks! > acronyum 16)
*Highly optimized list view sorting. (150% faster than before!)
*Improved multi-language support. Arabic, Persian, Asian characters will be displayed correctly by font preferences.
*Fixed dynamic localization bug on MacOSX Tiger.
*Completed Traditional Chinese & Czech localization.
*Translated or converted tags will be stored correctly.
*No longer doubly import downloaded songs to iTunes.
*Finished uploads will be accessible for host browsing.
*Cabos now check invalid core files before application runs.

link: Cabos 0.4.4