Friday, August 12, 2005

移除 MS Messenger 的標籤列

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新釋出的 Microsoft Messenger for Mac 5.0 在連絡人視窗上頭多了個人和企業的標籤列,對一般僅使用個人服務的使用者而言,該標籤列既無用也佔空間,因此便有了這個 patch 供使用者來移除此標籤列 (下載↘),有此需求的朋友可以參考看看!

Here is the first patch ever for the Mac version (5.0) of MSN Messenger. It removes the personal/cooperate tab bar from the contact window.

1) Extract the ContactWindow.pobj from the zipfile.
2) Locate Microsoft in your applications folder.
3) Right-click and click Show Package Contents
4) In the package browse to \Contents\Resources5) Overwrite the ContactWindow.pobj file with the patched one
6) Reopen your contact list. (All this can be done while Microsoft Messenger for Mac is still running)

link: Messenger for Mac 5.0 Patch