Wednesday, August 31, 2005

NewsFire 中文化更新:1.2b4

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NewsFire 1.2b4 繁體中文套件

更新中文化以搭配原程式的最新版本;關於此軟體,請參閱舊文 (閱讀↗);關於中文化套件,可隨意點選使用 (下載↘)

NewsFire 1.2b4 中文化視窗畫面

What's New in NewsFire 1.2b4
- improved support for some previously invalid feeds
- groups are properly sorted in the smart group rules interface
- fix to prevent cyclical smart group issues
- feed hiding

link 1: NewsFire 1.2b4 中文化套件
link 2: applewoods :: NewsFire