Monday, August 08, 2005

用 Quicksilver 上傳圖片到 Flickr

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screenshot from pixelgraphix

如果你也是 QuicksilverFlickr 的愛用者,pixelgraphix 提供了一個簡單的步驟教學 (網頁↗),教您使用 Quicksilver 便利上傳圖片到 Flickr!

Add your flickr E-Mail as a contact to you OS X address book, name it "Flickr Email".

1. Select the picture in finder
2. Fire Quicksilver
3. Type "finder" until it appears in QS
4. Press the right arrow key to see the picture in QS
5. Press Tab and type "email" til you see "Email to ... (Send Directly)"
6. Press Tab and type "flickr" to select your flickr account
7. Press Return to send the mail, go to flickr and alter title and description.

link: Upload to flickr using Quicksilver