Tuesday, September 06, 2005

SafariStand 2.0b5 釋出

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SafariStand 2.0b5

SafariStand 是另一個頗受好評 Safari 瀏覽器的外掛模組,它也替 Safari 加入許多實用的功能,並且是免費軟體 (舊文介紹↗)。新釋出的版本新增了縮圖標籤頁 (兩種圖片大小的縮圖標籤頁)、拖放標籤頁來重新排列順序...等等。有興趣的朋友可以嘗試看看!

added Sidebar
- interface is still incomplete, but works.
- thumbnail tabs. (2 image size)
- reorder tabs by drag and drop.
- open link in new tab by drag and drop.
- each tab has property called "Mark". toggle mark, "Close Unmarked Tabs", "Close Marked Tabs" from context menu.
- create new tab by double click blank space.
- context menu has alternative item. (press option key while tracking)
- added "Toggle Sidebar" button (appear in Customize Address Bar…)
- added "Toggle Sidebar" menu item in "Stand" menu.
- added "Sidebar" pane in SafariStand Setting window

link 1: SafariStand
link 2: Safari 強化: SafariStand