Monday, September 19, 2005

Saft 8.1.5 釋出

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Saft 的新功能

Saft 今日釋出了 8.1.5 的版本(搭配 Safari 2.0.1)。多了三項新功能,其中一項可以還原關閉的標籤頁(如上圖所示)。讓您在遨遊網際網路時,有改變心意的機會 :-) 關於此外掛工具的詳細功能,可以參閱舊文 (閱讀↗)

Saft v8.1.5 for Safari 2.0.1 (412.5)
New feature: Norwegian localization thanks to Kristoffer Lein
New feature: Undo support for closing tab
New feature: Option to focus the last selected tab when closing the current one
New feature: Option to auto hide cursor in the full screen mode

link: Saft 8.1.5