Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Inquisitor 2.0 for Safari

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Inquisitor 2.0 for Safari

繼上次的網頁通用版之後,Inquisitor 出了專門給 Safari 使用的外掛版本:

Inquisitor 2.0 combines as-you-type instant search, search term prediction, and multiple-engine searching in a refined interface. Inquisitor 2.0 transcends its sibling by offering elegant integration with Safari, faster speed, higher quality results, and a customizable interface.

不過此軟體的定位是道道地地的 donationware,作者曾在其 blog 中提過使用此實驗性的做法來處理 Inquisitor for Safari 的下載,使用者若要下載此軟體,必須多少捐款一點,金額不拘,然後會收到含有下載指示的 email,之後便可無限地下載該軟體及其後的更新。既然金額不拘,若想嚐鮮或需要此工具的朋友,或許可以值得一試!但也許您也可以先試試網頁版再說!

This donation can be of any value - whatever you feel comfortable with. As soon as you have donated, you will receive instructions via email for downloading. You will be able to download Inquisitor 2.0 an unlimited number of times from your IP address, including bug fix releases.