Friday, November 11, 2005

時代雜誌本週介紹 iMac G5

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Gadget of the Week: iMac G5

經由 SillyDog701 的 Antony 得知此新聞,本期時代雜誌 (TIME) 的 Gadget of the Week 介紹了新款的 iMac G5。有興趣的可以前往閱讀~

The computer is the respectable work of engineering you might expect: a tad trimmer than the last iMac, this one has a faster G5 processor, faster RAM, a souped-up graphics card and up to 500GB of internal hard disk storage. It has all of that plus a built-in iSight camera. That means easy access to iChat AV, or fun snapshots from the new, slightly gimmicky Photo Booth software. You pick an effect, like Fish Eye or the Warholian Pop Art, then pose for your portrait. You can e-mail the resulting image, or bring it into iPhoto or even turn it into your buddy icon with a click.

link: Gadget of the Week: iMac G5