Friday, December 09, 2005

DivX 6.0 for Mac 釋出下載

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DivX for Mac

DivX 6.0 今日釋出可供使用者下載。支援與 Quicktime 7.0.x 相容,且含有一個 demo 版本的 DivX encoder。整個 DivX 6.0 for Mac 包含 DivX Converter, DivX codec 及 DivX playback support。需要的人可以前往下載~

The creation and playback of DivX® video has never been easier for Mac users. The new DivX Converter™ and DivX codec put you in control of your media. Convert nearly any digital video to DivX. Easily burn or transfer your DivX files to watch them on any DivX certified player.

link: DivX for Mac