Wednesday, December 28, 2005

NewsFire 1.3 v49 中文化

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NewsFire 1.3 v4901
NewsFire 1.3 (v49) Beta

NewsFire 釋出 1.3 (v49) 的試用版,同時我也更新一下此軟體的繁體中文化套件;新版本除了視覺上在界面部份做了變化,也新增/改善一些功能,例如新增餵送服務與設定群組更加便利、寄送文章...:

(support for Atom enclosures, support for author tags, the ability to email an article, the ability to open all unread articles in the web browser), and a new, more fault-tolerant RSS/Atom parser.

NewsFire 1.3 v4904

繁體中文化套件已可於 deray 用之不盡的分享空間下載!感謝 deray 無私分享寶貴的 .mac 空間唷!

link 1: applewoods :: NewsFire archive
link 2: NewsFire 繁體中文化套件